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Help With My Network

One of the features of our site is your Network. This is similar to Friends on other social networking sites, except without a lot of the cluttered effects on your profile page. Here is some information on managing those in your Network.


Adding to My Network


Whenever you are on a profile, you can click the Add to Network button, which will send a request to that member to add you. You can also at any time remove other members from your Network.


Viewing My Network


Once you log in, and if you have not disabled the member bar, you'll see it across the bottom of the page no matter where you are on the site. Click the My Network icon to view online friends, as well as any pending Network Requests.



Interacting with My Network


When logged into the OPW website, you can interact with other member of your Network in a few different ways. You can send them messages from your Inbox (on your Member Dashboard, click the small circle on their profile image, then click Send Message), or you can IM then by clicking their name in your My Network area of the member bar.