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Plan of Action Consulting

After years of offering multiple services to assist athletes from high school to the professional level through OFFICIALPLAYERWATCH.COM, INC., we will now start providing Plan of Action Consulting. Through our Plan of Action Consulting service that we developed, it will be a basic road map to help clients, parents and coaches make sure they’re taking all necessary approaches to raising athlete's likelihood of next level opportunities.

We will be your partner in building a future as a student athlete

  • Market your skills and raise awareness of WHO you are!
  • Develop a strategic plan for the year or pro rated calendar year
  • Manage/supervise your growth daily to expose your unique skills


General Services-

  • Academic guidance
  • Personal Training (In select areas)
  • 24/7 Staff Availability
  • Create client a dominating Highlight Video
  • Create client a professional Biography
  • Online Athletic Resume
  • Communication with colleges


 What you can expect


There are no secrets to success in any business.  We believe networking and personable relationships help empower your objectives.  With decades of experience in the competitive world of athletics we have a professional understanding of how to generate exposure and create possible opportunities. We stand by our honesty, hard-work, passionate and productive nature while building long lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. Every clients future is equally important and we will be there every step of the way as we may endure good and tough times.


  • We want to provide opportunities for our client in life using athletics as a vehicle.
  • We want to surround clients with individuals who are unconditionally committed to their success.
  • Our passion and energy will provide our clients and their families peace of mind that we CARE.



We believe in helping clients that truly believe in helping themselves. Visual statement "As a productive and caring person, if you see someone pushing their wagon up a hill under distress, you're gonna stop and help pull that wagon up the hill. If you see someone seating in their wagon on the hill looking for help, are you going to pull them and their wagon up?"  The wagon is life and at some point we all will need some type of assistance. With that visual statement we want to help clients who are passionate and determined about helping themselves. We need to know what we're working with as the following information will vary depending on your sport and athletic level.


  • Academics History
  • Positional Drills (Staff will conduct)
  • Attribute Testing (Staff will conduct)
  • Game Footage
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Two Reference

After we have reviewed the above information, we are honest to clients on where they stand respectfully for next level opportunities. So, before we move forward our client has an understanding of the foreseen projection we have.  They have the opportunity to move forward with our service or not.


Please contact us for more details or to set up a free Screening/Evaluating to further discuss what we offer.


Best Regards,


“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
Harvey MacKay

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

OPW definitely helped me in my transition from the CFL to the NFL. I pursued Trey Young in regards to making a highlight video for my own personal use. Soon after the CFL season had ended he put together the best highlight video I had ever seen. I later put the video on youtube. A few weeks later I started receiving calls from a number of NFL teams. I signed with the Vikings not to long later. The great thing about having the OPW video was that the Vikings fans got to see me in action before I even got to training camp. So I can say that OPW helped me build my fan base before I even played a down of football for the Vikings. My agent actually spoke to different teams that had viewed my OPW highlight tape on the web. Teams usually have scouts traveling the country to find players. My case was a little different. The professionalism and quality OPW showed when working with them was second to no one. I highly recommend OPW.
Kenny Onatolu  Papillion, Nebraska -Minnesota Vikings-

Official Player was recommended to me by my professional trainer at the Pro Club in Bellevue Washington and his referral was spot on. My oldest son is preparing for college and is a soccer athlete who wanted to package his skills in a way that they could be presented to potential interested schools and coaches. Trey gave us fantastic support and guidance throughout the process and his overall packaging of his service, a superior value when compared to other alternatives on the market. After my email to Trey we knew what we wanted and he arranged for a videographer to be on site at last year's B-U18 Challenge Cup final at the Star Fire Soccer complex in Tukwila and within two weeks of our personal edits of the video, Tim my son had his entire portfolio on line ready to show prospective college coaches. Whether your athlete is looking to showcase their talents to the Division I, II or III levels Official is a Great choice!
Brad Lundberg
Seattle, Washington
As a player trying to take the next step in my career I knew all I needed was a way to promote myself to NFL football teams.. I knew the best way to do that was to get my film on the Internet as a way to showcase my abilities.. I contacted Trey Young and within a day I received advice and inspirational words from a person who had more than excelled in the CFL and the UFL and had a highlight film on YouTube.. Official player watch is great for anybody who has put in the work and time and is looking for a way to showcase your talents.
Michael Wilhoite
Topeka, Kansas   -San Francisco 49ers-
I've had two Highlight films done by OPW and couldn't be more satisfied with the finished product. Having my profile and videos on the website is definitely giving me an opportunity to further my career. With scouts and pro player personnel staff that frequently visit the site it's a good feeling to know my name is still relevant and circulating.
Marcus Riley Sacramento, California - Las Vegas Locos -
I got my Highlight film done this past year, and couldn't be more impressed! OPW did everything they said they would, and most importantly got it done in a timely fashion. From Combines to highlight films, these guys are at the top of their game. The staff is very professional, and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to market themselves.
Wale Dada Chicago, IL (Las Vegas Locos)
OPW has been the best resource for me in trying to further my career as a football player. Not only were they able to create me a top of the line highlight video and DVD, but they also have many other resources to tap into. Trey Young has helped me transition from playing in college to playing professionally and without that help I would not be where I am today. I would recommend OPW to anyone wishing to move on to the next level while dealing with a professional, reliable company that has a history of proven results.
Taelor Worrell San Diego, California - NAU -
I have been pursuing a pro football career for some years now. Thanks to Official Player Watch I have been given a chance to expose myself to scouts the way I felt needed. Along with myplaying ability and the help of OPW on working with me to create an attractive highlight film, it has given me a chance to get noticed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. OPW allows you to use a variety of spot shadow icons,transition shots, slow motion views, and different angle shots. My film was done exactly the way I requested and more. The service was convenient and less expensive. I recommend OPW to every athlete at any level in any sport. In the future I definitely plan on working with OPW again because it was well worth it. Big thanks to Trey Young for helping me. God Bless!
Antonio Smith Miami, Florida - Las Vegas Locos -

I learned of official player watch through a good friend of mine, Trey Young. I went to Grossmont Community College after high school, where I had a good two years, but I ended my time there with an injury. Once I tore my hamstring, I did not get many offers from colleges, and I considered giving up on furthering my college career. I rehabbed my injury, and decided to further my career and used OPW to put my profile out there, and get my name and video in front of coaches. I used the website to show that I had recovered from my previous injury, and my eventual college coach used the website to initially view my profile and video.

I had OPW update my information and eventually make a highlight video of my college career. I played at a small school so not all of my film was in high def. OPW got the best quality they could out of my film, they also indicated me on each play to make it easier to find me. Since I played in the secondary, which was important. The highlight video was done professional. I then used the website to provide a link to teams overseas. I eventually got picked up by a team in Bologna Italy, and played in a professional league. I lived in Italy for half of a year, and I was paid to play. That probably was the funniest time of my life. Once I completed my season, I took a few game clips from my time in Italy, and sent it to OPW, and they updated my highlight video. I once again used the link to send to teams, and I got invited to work out for a CFL team. Although I did not end up playing anymore due to me re injuring my torn hamstring, I still got offers from teams overseas in Italy, who saw my profile on OPW.

OPW helped me further my career every step of the way. I encourage athletes on any level to use OPW. I plan to have my younger nephews use the site to further athletic careers.
Sam Powell
San Diego, California

I had OfficialPlayerWatch make my sons highlights for his junior season, senior season, and spring game. I was very pleased with the turn around time in getting the DVD's back as well as the quality of the videos. The plays were edited perfectly and in the best order to attract attention as soon as you play the video. Trey Young has also been very helpful when I have questions about the OPW web site to all aspects of recruiting. I am very pleased with my dealings with Trey Young and OPW and I highly recommend OPW.
Ronnie Hollier Port Neches, Texas.

 OPW has been a huge help to me in furthering my professional football career. Trey put together a highlight DVD for me and it turned out really good, I would recommend his work to anyone. I used the DVD to give to coaches at my arena football tryout which helped me make the team. I also gave it to scouts/coaches at the NFL regional combine I attended last year and it helped me get selected to the national combine at ford field.
Dan Kleckner
(4 year starter and record holder at MT Tech, 2 year starter in the IFL) Seattle, Washington
As I was attempting to play football after college it was immediately evident to me that I would need to stand out. Playing in D2 we were not always handed all the best resources to help us continue our career, nobody making highlight films or knocking down doors for us. After making my own highlight film, and not doing a great job, I knew that I was going to need someone's help. Trey actually contacted me through a 3rd party website and offered to show me what he could do with my shoddy highlight film for free and promised that if I wasn't satisfied he wouldn't charge me. When I saw the results just 24hrs later that included my requested music, spot-shadows, and perfectly cut transitions I knew I found the right guy. Upon uploading my film I was instantly bombarded with emails and requests from European and Canadian teams. It is amazing how far a little bit of professionalism will take you, and you won't find a better value. Trey is passionate about what he does, more importantly he has been there and played at all levels which makes him an excellent resource for young players looking for some guidance. I have recommended other players to Trey and they were all more than satisfied with the final product. I can not say enough about the work Trey does, I would refer anybody to him.
Ben Bianchino Overland Park, KS
OPW really helped me in the recruiting process. The combine I attended helped me get my name out there, and showed that I could compete with the best in the area. I had a great time, and the coaching staff did a great job at putting it on. helped tremendously, and was one of the main reasons I am playing at the next level today. It is a great organization, and I could not be happier with the help, and support.
Blake Petersen Seattle, Washington