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Mission Statement

From the ice rink, to the diamond in the dirt… From the chalk lines drawn on a grass field, to the painted lines of a hard wood court, OPW® believes, “Hard work will guide you, all you have to do is believe in your endeavors.” And at OPW® we don’t only believe in that statement, we let it guide our networking services to you – the
athlete, coach, scout, agent, trainer or sports enthusiast. By providing you with the most authentic network where athletes can upload highlight film, post stats and promote their athletic abilities, we help athletes attain the next level of competition, whether it’s college or pro sports. Created by athletes for athletes, OPW® invites you to join our family. Sign up now, so we can start showcasing your talent to the world.


Created by a team of current and former athletes, Official Player Watch is the website for athletes and sports fans. OPW® provides fans with news, highlights and stats and will serve as a networking site for athletes to showcase their footage and connect with other players, coaches, scouts, agents, trainers and sports
enthusiasts. If you're an athlete this is the website for you. If you dream of making the big leagues, or even if you're already there and are looking for new opportunities, then use OPW® to your advantage. Created by athletes for athletes, we understand the importance of showcasing your skills to the public. OPW® wants to
give you another avenue to showcase your talent.


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Leona Beutel
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Regional Site Rep


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Creative Director/Camp Director


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Video Graphic Director